Greater China’s economic rise
has created huge opportunity.

Knowledge of the Chinese language
and China’s cultures provide access to this opportunity
in a deeper, broader context.

We are a global community of qualified, proficient speakers of Chinese as a second language. 

Inter-dependency of the evolving global system makes it vitally important to develop a balanced perspective on Greater China by building meaningful relationships through cultural empathy and adaptability. Individuals who have studied Chinese to an advanced level have a unique ability to influence cross-cultural interactions.

Multi-cultural fluency, personal experience and the ability to navigate local networks are critical to any progressive organisation intent on developing lasting engagement with Greater China. 

Established in 2008, Chinese-Speakers is a non-profit, non-partisan membership organisation based in the UK. 

Our Purpose

Champion Chinese learners


Raise the Currency of Second Language Speakers


Encourage the Study of Chinese and Chinese Cultures.


Promote Professional and Language Development Opportunities

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A global community of proficient, second language Chinese speakers.






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Our valued partners.

As part of our mission to encourage Chinese language learning and the development of Chinese Studies in the UK, we are proud to partner with The British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS). 

BACS is a non-political organization and the only comprehensive subject association for Chinese Studies in the UK.  BACS represent the field of Chinese Studies in its entirety and plays an important role in liaising and consulting with other area studies organizations, with funding bodies, with China-related representative offices and with government departments.