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A global community of Chinese second language speakers.

Chinese-Speakers provides an invaluable forum to help members network among themselves, understand new developments in the rapidly changing UK-China environment and encourage those starting out in their careers, as well as seasoned “China hands”, to locate the opportunities that suit them best.

James Kynge, Honorary President

Membership Benefits

  • Links with organisations in the UK and across Asia that provide a wealth of information about workshops, conferences, job opportunities and doing business or working in mainland China and the surrounding region. 
  • Information about opportunities and qualifications needed to teach Chinese in the UK, privately, at primary or secondary school or at University and links with the Specialist Schools, Academies Trust and SSAT Chinese Network.
  • Chinese translation and interpreting opportunities for English native speakers, volunteer opportunities, guidance on qualifications to consider as well as relevant organisations to contact. 
  • List of organisations providing international standardised exams recognised by Universities and employers worldwide as well as short course options, post-graduate courses and scholarship schemes for ongoing language study.
  • Members benefit from access to these and a range of other useful resources, we help to signpost members in the right direction.

Membership eligibility

In order to qualify for membership, applicants must have studied Chinese as a second language and hold a recognised qualification.

See below list of acceptable qualifications. If you do not meet these requirements, written evidence of an equivalent Chinese language level (listening, speaking, reading, & writing) is required in order to process your application.

  • HSK 5 or 6 (中国汉语水平考试第五级或或六级证书)
  • Undergraduate degree in Chinese studies (single or joint honours) (中文研究学士本科学位(单科荣誉或双科荣誉)
  • Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language 5 or 6(台灣華語文能力測驗 第五級或第六級證書)
  • Postgraduate degree in Chinese studies (中文研究硕士学位)
  • UK Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office Language Exam Mandarin C1 (Operational) or C2 (Extensive) 
    英国政府外交与联邦事务部语言考试 – 中文C1或C2

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